Developers Wanted

Looking for C# developers to help with RPG editor and game player. No experience required and all other talent is welcome although currently the project is in the very early stages of development.

C# developers with experience in modular design would be a huge asset.

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The Team

Lead Developer
33 year old software developer with 12 years experience. I have experience with dependency injection, n-tier systems and TDD albeit only a few years experience in indie game development.

Join the team! Message me on discord jburditt #0434

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Project Details

C# RPG editor and game player. Currently uses MonoGame but other graphics libraries could be used. tIDE editor is used to edit maps and game objects. Current project is an old-school turn-based side battle RPG like Final Fantasy 2. Other RPGs are welcome and can be built using the framework e.g. action RPG, platform RPG, tactical RPG, etc.

Editor can currently edit maps and add events and NPCs.

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Not a C# programmer? Here are some other alternatives [that are almost as cool]


Multi-layered tiled maps
Collision detection
Asset compiler
Battle engine - %15
Start Menu - 75%

Create multilayered tiled maps
Passable tiles
Add events



- Talk (1)
- Load NPC with dialog from Tiled objects layer

Dialog (2)
- Text
- Load dialog when near NPC
- Draw console image

Menu (5)
- Equip armor (2)
- Display text list of equipped armor
- Select weapon(s), helmet, armor, legs, arms and rings
- Select an item to equip of selected type
- Use items (2)
- Display a list of all items
- Select an item
- Item effect
- Potion heals
- Use magic (1)
- Cure heals
- Revive brings party member back to life

Saving (3)
- Save a game to .json with player position, party members, items, equipment
- Load a game .json

Events (4)
- Trigger event when stepping on tile (1)
- Warp sends you to different tile [and map] (1)
- Chest gives you an item and will appear empty (1)
- Checkpoint allows you to save (1)

Battle (8)
- Menu
- Display menu (1)
- Display party members (1)
- Display Actions i.e. attack, defend, magic, items, run (1)
- Enemies (5)
- Load enemy parties from map .json (1)
- Enemy normal attack (1)
- Enemy magic attack (2)
- Load enemy abilities from .json (1)
- Animations
- Display damage, healing amount

Attributes (8)
- Algorithms
- Attack (2)
- Defend (1)
- Magic (3)
- Item (1)
- Run (1)

Leveling (3)
- Increase stats

Items (3)
- Stryfe item editor
- Load items .json
- Item drop
- Drop potion randomly